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Max Krangle is internationally recognized as an expert in business growth and development in highly regulated industries. He is the Managing Director of the international legal and business consulting firm Counsel Strategy, and CEO of the contentious industry advertising firm Consumer Outreach where he helps businesses grow and remain competitive in increasingly regulated domestic and international environments.

Max began his legal career as a London, UK-based lawyer in the entertainment industry. He entered the world of Big Tobacco, where he remained for many years, advancing quickly in the legal ranks. He served as Legal Counsel (UK & Ireland), Senior Counsel (Europe), and Assistant Counsel and Director at Japan Tobacco International SA (Geneva, Switzerland) which purchased his former employer, the Gallaher Group PLC (London, UK). He then advanced to become the General Counsel and Senior Director of R.J. Reynolds Global Products in Zurich, Switzerland and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. In addition to tobacco, Max has advised clients in the Cannabis/Psilocybin, Vape, Nutraceutical, Gaming, Alcohol, Energy, and Adult Entertainment Industries. 



Max is the author of the best selling "Contentious Counsel", and the subject of the critically acclaimed "Firebrand - a Tobacco Lawyer's Journey" by Joshua Knelman.

Contentious Counsel


"Nearly 8m people worldwide die an otherwise preventable early death each year from using tobacco products, even though since the mid-1960's the tobacco industry has been faced with unprecedented criticism, litigation, regulation, and legislation aimed at ending or restricting its ability to sell and use its otherwise legal products. How then in the year 2023 it is possible that the industry is making record profits and there are now more smokers in the world today than ever before?"




Lessons Learned from Big Tobacco - How the world's most reviled industry turned obstacles into opportunity and what your business can learn about from big tobacco's mistakes and hindsight about navigating a combative, litigious, and regulated world.

Topics Include:

  • Fewer customers can be very profitable.

  • Taxation is not a bad thing.

  • Don't fear regulation.

  • The importance of candid dialogue.

  • Managing business risk effectively.



Dark markets refers to markets where mass media communication is forbidden for legal or policy reasons. Learn how to provide consistent strategic solutions to brand communication issues as different levels of legislative and policy restrictions are imposed across your business universe

Topics Include:

  • What is "Alibi" Branding?

  • Advertise the product, not the brand.

  • Brand communication strategies that will manage brand equity as the marketing window closes.

  • Key Issues for consideration with tactical solutions.

  • Changing internal attitudes towards real opportunity.


How your business can better navigate increasing regulation, why regulation isn’t always a bad thing bad, and how Voluntary self-regulation and “going further than required” under the law can reap financial benefits.

Topics Include:

  • The importance of compliance.

  • Key regulations to always stay on top of. 

  • The hidden regulations many don't take seriously.

  • How to self-regulate

  • Using regulations to your business advantage.

  • Always staying one step ahead.


With 25+ years of international legal and transactional experience in multiple legal jurisdictions in over 50 countries, Max offers insight into cross-border trade, compliance, and overcoming complications arising from conflicts in law and custom from international transactions.


Topics Include:

  •  The importance of choosing the right jurisdiction.

  • Considering arbitration.

  • Competition compliance.

  • INCOTERMS & Insurance.

  • The long arm of the Law.

  • Ring-fencing liability.

  • Understanding Regulation.

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Max Krangle

Max Krangle

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